October 3, 2023

Welcome to AnuPartha 2014

Welcome to AnuPartha 2014

2025 AD - You step out in your color-morphing natural fiber jeans and into a driverless car fuelled by non-recyclable plastic… just another morning dropping your daughter off to school, on the way to work. Her school – where students are using online resources to learn math at their own pace…. They pick the topics and when they learn… The facilitators use real-time data to enable learning but students monitor their own progress… If global issues and innovations that address large-scale challenges such as education, environment, and health inspire you... and the idea of solving the problems of climate change, hunger and poverty, poor health and environmental sustainability by leveraging sustainable practices seems like a step in the right direction…If bitcoins, google glass and the internet of things animates you…Or you follow the latest on manned missions to Mars and root for genetic cures to human maladies… Then YOU are a vital part of our community. Welcome to Anupartha - we believe there is a select group of people who spearhead transformation across the world. Thought leaders and experts like you, continually working towards improving the quality of human life, the environment, technology, business and the way we live. We are inspired by the possibilities of the meeting of right minds. We are driven to enable our patrons to discover transformational leaders, who can help in building the next generation of iconic organizations – in the enterprise, and in the social sector. We thank you for being a part of Global Executive Talent’s exciting journey so far and invite you to join us in the next phase as we grow in knowledge and experience – at www.anupartha.com. We have launched our new rebranded website www.anupartha.com to act as a knowledge repository for the latest news and insights on transformation relevant to senior management.  As part of our endeavour to create an interactive community of thought leaders and experts (read innovators and disruptors) we would like to introduce you to our newly launched knowledge communities.

We welcome you to actively participate in the next phase of our journey across the frontiers of knowledge spanning innovation, transformation and our quest for transformational leaders on the brink of the next great disruption. Do continue to support us with your valuable insights in our community of visionaries and business leaders of the future.

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