What we do

Finding leadership talent for organizations at an inflection point.

Transformational Leadership Hiring
We specialize in finding leadership talent for organizations undergoing significant change. We provide tailored executive search services. Our expertise lies in identifying leaders who can navigate disruptive industries like semiconductors and the electric car revolution. We also assist companies adapting to the consumerization of enterprise software and the rise of the Sharing Economy. Additionally, we support start-ups in their hyper-growth phase and help organizations hire globally-minded leaders for cross-border operations.
Startup Leadership Hiring
When scaling your startup, hiring the right leadership is crucial for maintaining momentum without losing the startup spirit. Our exclusive focus ensures access to a select set of candidates who understand startups. We have a track record of successfully identifying these individuals. With a passion for working with entrepreneurs, we understand the unique challenges of startup hiring. We focus on branding, evaluation, and effectively communicating compensation packages to attract ambitious and driven candidates. Benefit from our experience, knowledge, and network to gain the advantages enjoyed by large, established companies.
Not-for-profit Leadership Hiring
In the nonprofit sector, many organizations struggle to attract leadership talent with the skills needed to scale and make a greater impact. On the other hand, our executive network includes experienced individuals who have successfully led large companies and now seek to apply their expertise in the social sector. Acting as a bridge, we connect these passionate leaders with nonprofits looking to grow and drive innovation. Our work focuses on supporting not-for-profit organizations, primarily in developing regions, as a way to give back and make a meaningful difference.
Board Member Recruiting
Board member recruitment is crucial for organizations, impacting the leadership team and CEO performance. A strong board influences diversity, industry intelligence, new opportunities, leadership planning, risk management, corporate governance, and global outlook. We systematically match board members based on organizational phase and critical functions. Our experienced team conducts thorough research, assists with meetings and compensation, and ensures a smooth offer closure. We have a proven track record of providing valuable board members and advisors.