our Search Process

A methodical approach through each phase of the engagement.

Phase 01


We conduct interviews with key stakeholders in the client organization, analyze the company and industry, and identify potential for growth and competition. This process informs us about what prospective hires can contribute to the company's success. From this, we create job descriptions that highlight the company's unique selling points (USP) and the specific role, making it an effective marketing tool to attract potential candidates. This is especially crucial for emerging companies striving to establish their reputation in the market.

Phase 02


At AnuPartha, we conduct extensive research on potential target companies, and less obvious ones, leveraging social networks extensively while avoiding job boards. After gauging candidate interest, we share job descriptions, request CVs, and conduct interviews with informal reference checks. We rank candidates, create detailed candidate statements, and fine-tune job descriptions based on client interactions, ensuring alignment with evolving needs. Often, the client gains clarity about their needs through this process.

Phase 03

Candidate Finalization

Now, we facilitate the candidates’ interviews with the client. We play a proactive role in coordinating the communication as well as ironing out any minor issues that may crop up and drive closure. In our experience, we are able to find one or, sometimes, two mutually acceptable candidates.

Phase 04

Fit & Closure

AnuPartha helps complete formal and informal references, creates a compensation frame work through a real time benchmarking exercise. We help the client arrive at a package that works mutually and then follow through with the candidate till he completes his exit formalities with his existing organisation and joins the client.

Phase 05

Follow up & Feedback

We continue to stay in touch for a period of twelve months after the candidate joins our client organisation to ensure that the client as well as candidate are happy. We also sort out minor on-boarding issues, if any. AnuPartha lays a lot of emphasis on client communication and updates. From start to finish, we update the client regularly with a progress dashboard. Where required, we also do weekly calls.