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What we do best at AnuPartha

Our core competency is in finding leadership talent for organizations that are at an inflection point. We seek clients who have drawn up a strategy to change in a big way, and are looking to bring onboard key leaders who are aligned to their vision, and have the capability to execute.

This change could be necessitated by market transitions, or simply because the company is now ready to scale or move into new geographies.

In order to better explain the focus of our services offering, we outline, below,some of the typical change scenarios our clients find themselves in, and why they need a specialized executive search provider like AnuPartha:

1. Business model change necessitated by Market Transition:

Many traditional industries are undergoing a seismic change due to technology and market disruptions. For instance:

The Semiconductor Industry’s market is undergoing a transformation: Multiple factors are at play changing the profile of customers and therefore the go-to-market strategy for this industry. The “internet of things” has been given a big push by the likes of GE which is talking about putting sensors everywhere from machinery to medical equipment. The “Maker Faire” movement is spreading fast across the US, Europe, and even Africa. In the next few years, the demand for analog and digital ICs will come not just from the biggies like Samsung and Apple, but also from many small designers and manufacturers from different corners of the world. How do you reach these new customers, and service their needs? This requires a complete transformation for established players in the industry, who now need to strengthen their erstwhile ‘neglected’ functions like Marketing as they move from a B2B to a B2B2C model. Your Executive Search Partner too needs to understand, internalize, and then find those right candidates who are critical to make this big cross-over successful. You need a specialist who only focuses on getting such “non-traditional” hiring. This is the only thing we do at AnuPartha.

The coming Electric Car Revolution: The insides of an automobile are changing like never before. A car from Tesla comes with very little mechanical parts. It is a “software” driven car. What does this mean in terms of talent? Can we continue hiring the same kind of people who move from one car company to another, or do we need to redraw the specification for the new kind of leaders we need, whowill bring the understanding of computer hardware and software into the R&D, manufacturing functions? Tesla sells directly to consumers bypassing the age-old concept of selling through dealers. It knows its customers one-on-one and can sell/service them uniquely. Others mayhave to change their sales and marketing strategies to align themselves to this new paradigm. This requires leaders in these functions who “think differently” because they get what the new world is going to look like.

Consumerization of Enterprise Software: Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, Social and other such technologies which were considered consumer-centric, are now invading the enterprise space. There is a new awareness that employees are taking apps to the enterprise world now, and pretty much decide what they will use and how to increase their productivity. No wonder then that the old enterprise players are trying hard to adjust to this new shift. But any such change also necessitates a mind-setchange across the organization.And this often implies that you need to bring in a change-leader at the top,who can show the way forward to the “insiders”.

The rise of the Sharing Economy: Industries like hotels, car rentals thrived on holding inventory of rooms and cars, and leasing them out for temporary use. This model is now being disrupted. New players such as AirBnB and Lyft, are setting themselves up as digital clearinghouses to capitalize the unused capacity of things that already exist, and to help consumers rent from their peers rather than rent from a company such as a HolidayInn or a Hertz!. How do the established players react to this? After seeing what a Netflix did to Blockbuster, or what Amazon has done to a BestBuy, no Board will let its management take such an impending shift lightly. It will want to act, and act fast. This again implies bringing on-board leaders who can ‘change the wheels while the car is in motion’. Who are these leaders, and where will you find them? This is what we enjoy doing at AnuPartha.

2. Change necessitated by Hyper-Growth :

Start-ups surely come in this category. While the initial startup team gets the business off the ground, proves the business model, and builds the foundation for success, the venture often needs to bring in the next level of leadership to achieve the rapid growth necessary to scale and succeed big. Typically, these leaders are people who are also entrepreneurial,have been-there-and-done-that, and have the ability to apply what they have learnt before in an entirely new context. While such leaders are few in number, they need to be found and hired for the start-up to graduate. We understand this extremely well at AnuPartha, as we have worked successfully with several founder/entrepreneurs over the years,both in the Silicon Valley, and in India.

3. Change mandated by Globalization:

The advent of the Internet, and the emergence of the global workforce are two powerful currents from the last decade that continue to ripple through, and impact businesses across the world today. Together, they have caused a redefinition of the economies of businesses, and companies continue to seek to leverage globally-distributed teams across functional areas- including engineering, marketing & sales, and customer support. In terms of leadership, this has meant that every organization needs to hire senior leaders who are global in mindset, have significant cross-cultural work experience, and who possess the ability to work with, and lead, geographically-dispersed teams. This has been one of the core strength areas of AnuPartha since the founding days of our firm, and we continue to be a provider of choice for our clients in helping them hire Cross-Border leaders.

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