Search Process


AnuPartha brings a systematic approach to the search process and works closely with the client throughout the engagement.

Phase 1: Consulting

We interview all relevant stake holders in the client organisation – the hiring manager, board members, CXO’s and where necessary, even the team members. We simultaneously study the company, its business and the industry landscape. This gives us a good sense of what the company’s standing vis a vis competition and what its potential could be. We determine what the prospective hire can do to help the company achieve this potential. This exercise helps us draw up the profile of the hire, encompassing his roles and responsibilities and skills and experience. This culminates in the job description document which spells out the USP of the company and the particular role as well as describes the person who would fit the bill. The job description is a “marketing document” that helps us to get through and create some interest in (often indifferent) job seekers. This step is very critical for emerging companies that are yet to establish their name in the market.

Phase 2: Recruitment

The AnuPartha Executive Recruiting team does a detailed research of potential target companies. At this stage, we ensure we pay a lot of attention to creating a comprehensive set that often includes some not so obvious companies. We extensively use social networks to reach not just our first degree contacts but theirs and further. AnuPartha does not use job boards. After ascertaining first level interest of candidates, we share the JD, get their CV and then interview them extensively to evaluate their suitability. We also do informal reference checks at this stage. At the end of this process, we rank candidates and identify the top two or three. We then create a candidate statement to present our shortlisted candidates to client. This document articulates why AnuPartha believes these candidates are the right ones and carries a detailed qualitative assessment to support the CV. Right through the recruitment process, we continue to fine tune the JD based on interactions with the client. Very often, the client becomes clearer about their needs as we present our progress report on likely candidate profiles.

Phase 3: Candidate finalisation

Now, we facilitate the candidates’ interviews with the client. We play a proactive role in coordinating the communication as well as ironing out any minor issues that may crop up and drive closure. In our experience, we are able to find one or, sometimes, two mutually acceptable candidates.

Phase 4: Fitment and closure

AnuPartha helps complete formal and informal references, creates a compensation frame work through a real time benchmarking exercise. We help the client arrive at a package that works mutually and then follow through with the candidate till he completes his exit formalities with his existing organisation and joins the client.

Phase 5: Follow up and feedback

We continue to stay in touch for a period of twelve months after the candidate joins our client organisation to ensure that the client as well as candidate are happy. We also sort out minor on-boarding issues, if any.

AnuPartha lays a lot of emphasis on client communication and updates. From start to finish, we update the client regularly with a progress dashboard. Where required, we also do weekly calls.

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