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Hiring Leader for Non Profit:

All around us, we see Not-for-Profit organizations that have achieved success, developed working models, and shown commendable results through sheer dedication and personal sacrifice of a few key passionate individuals. Some have gone on to scale significantly, and positively impact the lives of millions of people. However, several of them are unable to grow beyond a point, due largely to their inability to attract good leadership talent with the organization-building skills that are required to help them scale.

At the same time, we constantly meet people in our executive network who have successfully built and managed large companies & organizations, and are now seeking an opportunity to apply their knowledge & experience to make a significant impact in the social sector…

We consider it our privilege to be able to act as a bridge between these wonderful social sector organizations looking to scale up to the next level, and our network of successful business leaders who are seeking to make an impact driving innovation in the social sector.

We work with several such not-for-profit organizations, largely in the developing world. It is our way of giving back to the society by doing what we know best.

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