Service Offerings

As you validate your product/service idea and are ready to scale, you will need a strong set of executives who can lead the company from the startup stage to the more predictable, system and processes driven organisation. However, you want to do this without losing the mojo that got you here in the first place. This is where we believe that we add significant value – our exclusive focus on transformational talent ensures that we have strong network into this small select set of candidates who have the right attitude and personality to work in start-ups. They not only bring the experience and expertise that is necessary but also know how to work with the existing team especially the founders to take the company forward. Believe us – they exist and you might not find them always in your friends and family circle. We know how to find them having done this successfully many times over.

At AnuPartha, we are passionate about working with entrepreneurs and startups. We understand that startup hiring, especially in distant locations, is very different from hiring for large firms. For our startup clients we focus on:

We distil and communicate the right message around the founders, investors and the business opportunity space to attract the right set of ambitious, passionate and highly driven candidates to apply.

We look for the startup DNA – ability to work hands-on, in an unstructured environment without institutional support and eliminate the “big company” candidates.

We know that your compensation will be less in cash and more in stocks and we know how to communicate this message.

We bring to you the advantages that large, established companies enjoy, because of our experience, knowledge and network of contacts.

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