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Board Member Recruiting is a vital recruitment for any organization. The hiring must be dealt with precision, intelligence and focus. What a new board member can bring to the table has the power to impact the performance of the leadership team especially the Chief Executive Officer. Diversity, Industry intelligence, New opportunities, Leadership planning, Risk management, Corporate governance , Global outlook are few of the areas which a strong Board can influence effectively.

Given the importance of board member recruiting, a systematic approach is created. The phase at which the organization is in currently(start-up, high growth, mature) is a key factor in identifying board members. So also is the specific functions that impact success disproportionately – is it fund raising or is it logistics or is it marketing or is it technology? Keeping these factors in mind while identifying right candidates we believe ensures that our client gets a functioning board and not just a “show case”.

AnuPartha has successfully recruited board members across industries. We place a lot of emphasis on understanding the organization’s need and industry specifics. Stringent standards and and the experience of the team ensures a thorough understanding before the search process begins; post which detailed research of potential candidates is done. The AnuPartha team is proactively involved with scheduling meetings, finalizing compensation framework, chalking out exit formalities and any other steps vital to closing the offer.
You can get details on the search process here

The team has successfully provided organizations with the right match for board members as well as advisors who have added significant value and made an impact.

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