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T​ransformational Leadership

In this new series, we aim to take you into the world of Transformational Leaders, who are changing their worlds one step at a time. The people you will meet here are the ones who are quietly chipping away to create a new world, and can offer invaluable insights into what it takes to transform an organization or sometimes, even an entire industry.

Never Underestimate The Founder Mojo!

Entrepreneurs come in many hues and shades. But the ones who create history, the ones we remember, are the visionary founders. These are leaders who...


The Right Way to Succeed is to Fail Fast, Learn Faster & Move On!

There is safety and power in numbers but Ajit Singh is something of a contrarian. Who else but one would consistently challenge a system that...


To Be An Authentic Leader, First Be True To Yourself

Being a purist is often not practical in business. But if the career path of former WebEx CEO and co-founder, Subrah Iyar, is anything to...


If You Want To Do Something Disruptive In A Changing Industry, You Need New Blood

The co-founder of a million dollar, publicly-listed, mobile services company with an international footprint, and the founder of the premier low-cost eye care service in...


Tiny Drops Of Water Make The Mighty Ocean

More oft than not we hear of bold and powerful leaders – those who sacrifice everything for a nobler cause and shape history, and those...


It Is the Mavericks Who Dare to Create Magic

We all have turning points in our life. When faced with conflict, one voice lulls us back to the safety of our comfort zone, yet...


Build A Recursive Organisation Where Everyone Thinks and Acts Like A CEO

For all the glamour that goes with being a young, Silicon Valley start-up CEO, the minutiae can be quite something else. In the undisputed tech...


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